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U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Continuing Education and Accreditation
Division of Learning and Organizational Development
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

How FDA and ISMP Utilize Medication Error Reports to Improve Drug Safety

Step Status
Educational Content
Starts On: Fri, 2/11/22: 12:00 AM EST
Ends On: Tue, 12/31/24: 11:45 PM EST
Type: Enduring Material
Credits: 1
Description: This webinar described the role of the FDA Division of Medication Error Prevention and Analysis (DMEPA) in preventing and addressing medication errors through pre-market and post-market activities. DMEPA collaborates with the nonprofit Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), to share information from the ISMP National Medication Errors Reporting Program in a way that benefits overall drug safety. Actions taken to address recent medication error reports were explored, and the role of health care practitioners in identifying, preventing, and mitigating medication errors were discussed.
  • Explain FDA’s role in pre-marketing and post-marketing activities to prevent and address medication errors.
  • Summarize how HCPs can help identify, prevent, and mitigate medication errors through adverse event reporting.
  • Describe how FDA, ISMP utilize medication error reports to address reported safety issues.
  • Outline strategies aimed to increase the safe use of drug products by minimizing user error related to the design, naming, labeling, and/or packaging of drug products.
  • Review examples of actions taken to address recently reported medication error reports.
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